Private and Untraceable

ZEOS will enable fully private and untraceable transactions on the EOS mainnet. You will be able to send any amount of ZEOS to whomever you want without having the whole world watching you because of the transparency of the EOS blockchain.

Zero Transaction Fees

Like all transparent token transfers on EOS private ZEOS transactions will be feeless as well. The only cost for transacting privately is going to be CPU time - as with all other transactions on EOS.

Instantaneous Transactions

Since EOS block times are only 0.5 seconds private transactions using ZEOS will be blazingly fast. After preparing a transaction on your local device by generating the corresponding zero knowledge proof, sending and receiving the transaction will take almost no time.

State of the Art Technology

Transactions with ZEOS are based on Zero Knowledge Proofs. This is state of the art technology for private transactions. It is even more anonymous than Monero tech since the anonymity set increases with each and every transaction. ZEOS' core functionality is based on the code of ZCash Sapling which is a widely adopted and well audited codebase.


ZEOS utilizes LiquidApps' DAPP Network services to provide unlimited scaling and lowest CPU costs for the end user. The goal of ZEOS is to make private transactions as cheap as possible for everyone - no matter how many transactions the users are sending per day. Everyone should be able to conduct private transactions at low costs - whenever and as often as they want.

More to come

Private transactions with ZEOS are just the beginning. The long term goal of ZEOS is to create tools and protocols necessary to empower developers to build an entirely private and untraceable DeFi ecosystem on the EOS mainnet. Stay tuned for more.

Airdrop Details

The ZEOS token supply is approximately 1 billion tokens. On December 24th a snapshot of the current PEOS token distribution was taken. From this snapshot several accounts like b1, peosteamfund, peosmarketin and all known exchange accounts have been excluded. All accounts included in the snapshot received 4.76 ZEOS tokens for each PEOS token they held in their EOS account at that time. 10% of the ZEOS token supply has been kept as a developer and project fund and will serve different purposes in the future.