The ZEOS Hybrid Order Book Exchange: A Revolution in Decentralized Trading


ZEOS Exchange Revolution: Pioneering the Future of Decentralized Trading.

The ZEOS Exchange: Revolutionizing Decentralized Trading with a pioneering hybrid order book, efficient execution, and innovative on-chain history, all on the underlying blockchain.

The ZEOS Hybrid Order Book Exchange, introduces a decentralized hybrid order book combining a traditional limit-order book with an automated market maker. This novel system matches orders against both the book and liquidity pool for optimal pricing. It features high-performance execution, on-chain history, and unique stop/stop-limit orders. Touting a "takers pay, makers earn" model, it incentivizes market-making and plans to introduce private trading via the ZEOS Shielded Protocol. Its user interface, integrating TradingView charts and a detailed trading interface, enhances user experience while ensuring transaction transparency and efficiency.

The ZEOS DEX Merges Traditional Order Book with Automated Market Maker for Optimal Pricing

Seamlessly Integrating Order Book and Liquidity Pool, Achieving Efficient Price Matching and Market Fluidity.

The ZEOS exchange features a unique blend of a traditional limit-order book and an automated market maker, employing the CPMM formula for liquidity management. Orders are always matched against both - book and pool - ensuring market takers always get the best price available. This setup results in automatic and instant arbitrage between order book and liquidity pool, removing the need for manual trading across different platforms. Furthermore, the liquidity pool eliminates the spread between bid and ask prices, maximizing the market's overall liquidity.

The exchange's order matching algorithm optimally selects between book and pool prices. When a market order is placed, it fills from either the liquidity pool or the order book, depending on which offers the better price, and continues to alternate between the two as prices fluctuate. This process ensures the order is filled at the most favorable price, enhancing market efficiency and trader satisfaction.

Performance Matters: The ZEOS DEX is built to Maximize Efficiency of the underlying Blockchain

Maximum Performance on front-end and back-end: A Fusion of Design Simplicity and Smart Contract Efficiency.

The exchange is innovatively designed for peak efficiency in order execution. It consolidates all market data into a single contract table row. This streamlined approach ensures that each trade requires just one access to this table, significantly enhancing the smart contract's efficiency. Additionally, this simplicity extends to the user interface, which retrieves comprehensive market data, including the limit-order book and liquidity pool, through just a single API call. This design not only simplifies operations but also maximizes performance, embodying the principle that simplicity often leads to greater efficiency.

Fully on-chain History Solution

On-Chain Market History: Streamlined Data Archiving Without Need for Expensive History Nodes

The exchange introduces an innovative on-chain history solution for market data, eliminating the need for expensive blockchain nodes with history-plugins. Market "tick" data is stored in the chain state until an "archive" action is executed as soon as enough data has accumulated. This action, subject to specific conditions like sufficient tick-data and time constraints, archives the data on-chain, freeing up smart contract RAM. This system ensures easy access to market history through the chain API, streamlining data retrieval and enhancing security while reducing operational costs.

Stop/Stop-Limit Order Types

Comprehensive Trading Experience with Advanced Stop and Stop-Limit Orders, Mirroring Traditional Exchanges.

The ZEOS DEX revolutionizes the crypto trading landscape by introducing advanced features like stop and stop-limit orders. This innovative, fully automated, and decentralized order execution system allows traders to apply sophisticated strategies, mirroring the capabilities of traditional exchanges. This groundbreaking approach not only enhances the trading experience but also establishes the ZEOS DEX as a trailblazer in setting new benchmarks for decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

Censorship Resistant

The on-chain history solution developed for the ZEOS DEX opens up new possibilities for censorship resistant dAPPS.

Because of its on-chain history solution, the ZEOS DEX stands out in the crypto sphere, particularly for its user-focused design that enhances independence and security. This breakthrough allows users to download and operate the full user interface on their own devices.

This unique capability not only bolsters the user experience by granting more control but also significantly increases the platform's resistance to external censorship. As a result, the ZEOS DEX is possibly the most censorship-resistant DEX in the crypto world.

Privacy Matters: The ZEOS DEX enables Private Trading

The ZEOS DEX Enhances User Privacy with Unique Private Trading Feature via ZEOS Shielded Protocol

The ZEOS Exchange will be the first dApp to integrate with the ZEOS Shielded Protocol, introducing a groundbreaking feature for DeFi: private trading. Users can trade using their ZEOS private wallets in addition to traditional AntelopeIO blockchain accounts, offering unprecedented anonymity in transactions. This unique capability, likely a first in the crypto exchange realm, allows traders to execute trades in full privacy, ensuring their identities remain unknown to observers of the underlying public blockchain.

A Message from The Founder

"I'm excited to introduce the ZEOS Hybrid Order Book Exchange, a groundbreaking platform designed for smart contract blockchains.

Key Highlights:

-Innovative Hybrid Order Book: Combining a traditional limit-order book with an automated market maker for seamless trading.

-High Performance: Efficient order execution with minimal blockchain resource usage.

-User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive design, featuring a TradingView Chart Widget and a comprehensive Liquidity Interface.

-Privacy-Enhanced Trading: Upcoming integration with the ZEOS Shielded Protocol for private trading.

I'm proud to offer a platform that not only meets the community's expectations but also sets new standards in decentralized trading."

-Matthias Schönebeck

ZEOS Founder & Lead Developer

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