A Zero-Knowledge Bitcoin Equivalent


ZEOS: A Zero-Knowledge Bitcoin Equivalent

Shaping a Community-Driven, Deflationary Future in Crypto Tokenomics

ZEOS aims to redefine cryptocurrency tokenomics by adopting a community-driven model. Prioritizing scarcity and user participation, ZEOS proposes a deflationary system to enhance value and trust. Its tokenomics focus on staking pools, Fractal Council funding, and a burn mechanism, all tailored to ZEOS’s unique ecosystem. This approach promises rewards for long-term holding and active participation, aligning with the evolving needs of the crypto world. ZEOS's vision is to blend privacy, efficiency, and a stable store of value, positioning itself alongside leading cryptocurrencies. This model, fostering accumulation, savings, and usage, seeks to establish ZEOS as a mainstream privacy protocol, leveraging EOS's speed and adding robust anonymity features.

ZEOS Introduces Innovative Deflation-Focused Tokenomics with Dynamic Fee Structure

Revolutionizing Crypto Transactions: ZEOS Balances Market-Responsive Fees with Strategic Allocation

The ZEOS Protocol utilizes a distinctive tokenomic model with a focus on deflation. Users engaged in transactions on the ZEOS network will incur a fixed transaction fee, which is subject to adjustment by the ZEOS Fractal Council based on the ZEOS token's market value. This fee distribution is categorized into three key areas.

Staking Pools

Dynamic Staking Rewards Based on Duration and Quantity of Staked Tokens

Approximately 30% of the transaction fees are allocated as rewards to users who participate in staking pools. These rewards depend on the quantity and duration of ZEOS staked, offering various staking pool options with different reward percentages and lock-up periods.

ZEOS Fractal Council Fund

ZEOS Fractal Council Fund: Channeling 60 - 70% of Fees to Drive Ecosystem Growth and Community Engagement

The largest portion, 60% of transaction fees, is directed to the ZEOS fractal, managed by the ZEOS Fractal Council. This fund is intended for supporting projects that align with ZEOS's objectives and for compensating active participants in ZEOS Fractal meetings. As the supply of ZEOS tokens reduces over time, the allocation to this fund is designed to increase.

Burn Mechanism

Enhancing ZEOS Token Scarcity: Adaptable 10 - 0% Burn Rate for Each Transaction Until Supply Cap is Reached

To increase the scarcity and value of ZEOS tokens, 10% of each transaction fee is permanently removed from circulation. This burn rate is adjustable, decreasing as the total supply of ZEOS approaches 21 million, eventually reducing to zero.

A Strategic Tokenomic Framework for Sustained Ecosystem Growth

Fostering Long-Term Investment and Participation with Balanced Incentives and Resource Allocation

This tokenomic framework is strategically designed to encourage long-term investment and active participation within the ZEOS ecosystem. It aims to balance incentivization with the strategic allocation of resources, enhancing the growth, adoption, and intrinsic value of the ZEOS token.

A Message from The Founder

"ZEOS' tokenomic model is designed to encourage accumulation, savings, and active usage, while also providing essential financial support for ongoing development and community-driven projects. With its deflationary mechanism and Zero Knowledge transactions, it prioritizes the protection of user identities and financial health, which I believe is key to fostering wider adoption and growth.

My aspiration for ZEOS is to see it become a leading privacy protocol, combining the efficiency of private exchanges with the reliability of a long-term value store. I am excited about the potential of ZEOS to uniquely blend EOS's speed with unmatched privacy features.

In a world where inflation is constantly diminishing purchasing power, the promise of ZEOS energizes me. I envision a future where ZEOS stands alongside Bitcoin as a dominant, trusted cryptocurrency. I am confident that this tokenomic model is the driving force needed to expand ZEOS's user base, build robust infrastructure, and spark interest, propelling us towards this future.

I am dreaming of a day when the idea of a Bitcoin equivalent on an alternative, scalable platform is no longer just a question but a reality, thanks to ZEOS."

-Matthias Schönebeck

ZEOS Founder & Lead Developer

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