The ZEOS Shielded Protocol: A General Purpose Solution For Smart Contract Blockchains.

Enabling private peer-to-peer and private peer-to-contract transactions

Zcash-like Privacy

Experience Zcash-Level Confidentiality by Default, Powered by Advanced Zero-Knowledge Technology

Empower Discreet Asset Management with the Ability to Privately Transfer All Types of Assets on any General-Purpose Smart Contract Blockchain, Including Both Fungible and Non-Fungible, Ensuring Enhanced Confidentiality and Security.

A General-Purpose Privacy Solution for General Purpose Smart Contract Blockchains

Seamlessly compatible with third-party applications built on the same underlying blockchain infrastructure.

Facilitates confidential and secure decentralized finance (DeFi) and gaming finance (GameFi) experiences across all Blockchains, including confidential trading, lending, staking, voting, and more.

Experience Lightning-Speed Transactions at Dirt Cheap Prices with Absolute Finality

Built for speed.

Experience Unparalleled Speed and Confidentiality in Transactions, a Feat Beyond the Reach of Traditional Privacy Coins Thanks to Cutting-Edge Non-POW Technology.

ZEOS Private Wallets

More than just a wallet: The ZEOS wallet is your signature provider for ZEOS general-purpose private transactions.

Experience Freedom with No Underlying Smart Contract Account Needed. Enjoy Cross-Platform Compatibility with Linux, Mac, and Windows.

*Mobile Versions for Android & iOS Coming Soon.

Discover Unmatched Privacy through Cross-Chain Secure Inter-Blockchain Token Swaps

Move assets privately across other blockchains.

Unlock Private Inter-Blockchain Token Swaps:

Effortlessly Move Assets Across Smart Contract Blockchains. Built on a Trustless IBC Solution Exclusively for General Purpose Smart Contract Blockchains.

A Message from The Founder

"I'm thrilled to introduce ZEOS's Shielded Protocol - the privacy solution crypto users need. For too long, privacy has been an afterthought in blockchain. Most projects claim to prioritize privacy but still expose user data. ZEOS changes that. Our protocol enables truly private peer-to-peer and private smart contract transactions, integrating the first baked-in privacy layer for General Purpose Smart Contract Blockchains.

With ZEOS you get Zcash-like privacy guarantees from advanced cryptography. This means private token transfers by default across any blockchain for all assets, whether fungible currencies or unique NFTs. No more worries about prying eyes when transacting or interacting with dApps.

ZEOS also uniquely positions its host blockchain to enable private versions of DeFi, GameFi, trading, lending and more - what I call Private Defi. The protocol integrates seamlessly with its host blockchain dApps to bring privacy to every transaction with just a few lines of code. This makes ZEOS the first general-purpose privacy solution for smart contract blockchains.

By building on any General-Purpose Smart Contract platform, we can offer the fastest private transactions in crypto, confirming in just seconds thanks to sub-second block times. Our breakthrough also enables true finality unlike other privacy coins relying on proof-of-work. When you transact privately with ZEOS, you can rest assured the transfer is permanently settled quickly."

-Matthias Schönebeck

ZEOS Founder & Lead Developer

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