Revolutionizing Privacy, Efficiency,

and Asset Control on The Blockchain.

A General Purpose Solution For Smart Contract Blockchains


ZEOS: A Token, Protocol, Decentralized Exchange, and Fractal DAO

The objective behind ZEOS is to allow for Zero-Knowledge smart contracts, transactions, and governance.

The ZEOS protocol empowers users to perform Zero-Knowledge transfers of digital assets, including tokens and NFTs, facilitates the execution of anonymous smart contracts, and pioneers the transformation of DAOs with its innovative fractal governance approach.

ZEOS Revolutionizes Blockchain with Instant, Affordable, and Private Transactions for Enhanced User Anonymity.

Empowering Secure Asset Management: ZEOS Introduces Next-Gen Private DeFi Solutions for smart contract blockchains, Leveraging Cutting-Edge ZCash Privacy Innovations.

Private p2p Transactions

ZEOS enables private and untraceable transactions for any fungible and non-fungible asset on general purpose smart contract blockchains. No modifications of existing token contracts are required. Use ZEOS wallets to hold and transfer all your favorite blockchain assets in full privacy.

Private DeFi

ZEOS introduces a concept for private deposits and withdrawals. Any third-party application on any smart contract blockchain can add this feature to their smart contracts to offer anonymous access. This protocol feature enables private DeFi on any smart contract blockchain giving all dApps the ability to allow for private user interactions.

Private Transactions using ZEOS Privacy Wallets

ZEOS Wallets will enable users to transact without needing a native wallet from the blockchain they are using. All ZEOS wallets are independent of the underlying blockchain.

Instantaneous Transactions

Since ZEOS is built on smart contract blockchains, private transactions benefit from the high performance of any general purpose smart contract blockchain. ZEOS therefore has significantly shorter transaction times than any other privacy coin in the space.

Scalable and Cheap

ZEOS leverages a streamlined and resource efficient BLS solution to offer highly scalable and cost-effective transactions for end users. The aim of ZEOS is to ensure that private transactions are affordable for everyone, advocating for privacy as a standard, not a luxury, in all blockchain transactions.

Zcash-like Privacy

ZEOS integrates the Groth-16 protocol, developed by the Z-Cash team, for enhanced transaction privacy. This efficient system, with its small proof size and quick verification, ensures secure and confidential transactions, positioning privacy as an essential feature in blockchain technology.

The ZEOS Wallet

How It Works


Create your ZEOS wallet.


Load your wallet with ZEOS to pay the required GAS fee.


Select the asset you wish to transfer using the ZEOS Shielded Protocol.


Send your asset instantly.

ZEOS Token: GAS Token,Deflationary, Staking Rewards,

The ZEOS token, functioning as a gas token, enables secure and private access to any underlying smart contract blockchain ecosystem while only requiring a ZEOS Wallet. The cost in ZEOS for each transaction is dynamically determined by the amount of resources it consumes on the underlying blockchain, mirroring the role of Ether in Ethereum. What sets ZEOS apart is its innovative use of transaction GAS fees: these fees are allocated to reward users who commit to staking their ZEOS over varying timeframes. Additionally, a portion of ZEOS is permanently removed from circulation through these transactions, strategically creating a deflationary pressure to enhance the market value of ZEOS.

ZEOS, as a gas token, facilitates private EOS ecosystem access and charges for transactions based on resource use. Its distinct feature is rewarding users who stake ZEOS, with some ZEOS removed from circulation to increase its value.

A Message from the Founder

"ZEOS represents a groundbreaking privacy solution on any blockchain, integrating Zcash's privacy technology for enhanced security. It uniquely allows both fungible and non-fungible tokens to engage in private transactions without altering existing smart contract token contracts. This system ensures that asset ownership in private ZEOS wallets remains entirely untraceable, leveraging Unspent Transaction Outputs (UTXOs) for confidential peer-to-peer and peer-to-contract transfers.

A standout feature is the ability for users to seamlessly move assets between the public underlying blockchain account and private ZEOS wallets, maintaining privacy while ensuring flexibility. Further expanding its privacy capabilities, ZEOS integrates a smart contract interface for blockchain dApps, enabling private interactions within a transparent framework.

At the heart of ZEOS lies its unique governance model, 'The ZEOS Fractal,' which combines structured decision-making with decentralized operations, fostering collaboration and innovation in the ecosystem. This holistic approach underpins the ZEOS initiative, setting new standards for privacy and governance in the blockchain world."

Matthias Schönebeck

Founder and Lead Developer

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